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Increase ROI with These 3 Printer Features

Tony Venice / July 30, 2021
Return on Investment

Technology is constantly evolving. It’s been less than a decade since smartphones became widely popular, but for many, it’s hard to imagine living without one now.

Just as advancements in computer technology allow us the convenience of always carrying one with us, printer technology has also developed to help businesses work more efficiently, creating a quick return on investment.

Improvements in printer speed, durability, and security features allow organizations to optimize their workflow, with no  shortage in features that can support this, from finishing to connectivity, to two-sided printing/scanning.

Seem overwhelming? Well let’s look at three features organizations can focus on initially to see a significant increase in ROI.


Hole punching, brochure folding, and stapling seem like easy tasks, but they can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention tedious.

Whether you’re preparing for a presentation or printing marketing brochures, eliminating these manual tasks can not only save precious time that could be dedicated to something more productive, but they also save organizations money.

Advanced printer finishing options can speed up this process by automatically performing duties as materials print. And setting these tasks in a template on the device means you can use them again in the future with just the touch of one button.


Today’s multifunctional printers function like computers. They have the capability of storing data, such as previously printed, scanned, or copied documents, so users can access it quickly to work more efficiently. It’s these same conveniences though that leave companies vulnerable to information breaches.

When companies connect these devices to their network, they leave the door open to hackers. But these ricks can be allayed by implementing security measures available on modern devices.

Proactively using these four security features can protect organizations against data breaches:

  • Hard drive encryption
  • User authentication
  • Find-me printing
  • Disk overwrite

Not only can breaches leak sensitive data, but they can also cost a business a significant fine. Setting up these safeguards is paramount to the success of a business.


Over the years the workforce has become increasingly mobile. Many positions no longer require employees be glued to their desks. Instead, they work from various devices that enable them to work on the go.

Luckily, today’s printers are enabled to SECURELY CONNECT WITH MOBILE DEVICES such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This allows employees to access networked office printers no matter where the job takes them, creating a more efficient workflow and leading to more productivity.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to quickly see ROI on your printer investments, reach out to a Toshiba expert today.