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legal solutions

Empowering the
business of law.

The legal profession is continuously strained by increasing documentation and privacy needs
and Toshiba is ready to help with both. Our solutions help digitally organize legal files,
reduce paper waste and costs, and keep you compliant with privacy and HIPAA laws.
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Electronic discovery
Toshiba can help convert stacks of files into searchable PDFs and automate the process of Bates stamping, redaction and data extraction.
Cost recovery
Simplify cost recovery by allocating print, copy, scan, fax costs to specific client codes.
Superior support
No matter what your goals are, count on us to be your partner in achieving all of them. Together, we can bring holistic change to better your business.
custom offering

Solutions to support your firm.

A strong case for managing large amounts of documents

Toshiba helps reduce costs with document conversion, proper routing, and organized case file searches for easy, fast access.

We object to paper waste and printing costs

Toshiba eliminates paper waste and controls printing costs with features such as print queue and retrieval, enforceable print rules, job tracking by user, and mobile printing.

Streamline and speed up invoicing

Toshiba simplifies invoice processing by scanning and converting invoices, validating and approving, and automatically routing for payment, saving time and resources.

Customize your copier.
Elevate is our personalized copier user interface that simplifies both common and complicated tasks. Customized to your business needs, this powerfully elegant interface will streamline your document workflow and improve overall organizational efficiency.
Stay compliant and secure.
We help firms reduce paper waste and costs, plus stay compliant with the various privacy and HIPAA laws.
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