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Paradigm Shift in Financial Services

Clarence Baker / February 18, 2021

As a finance professional with Toshiba, I can attest that the past year has presented challenges no one in the field could have predicted, let alone have been prepared for.

Suddenly, team members I collaborate with daily were now working from home. It was paramount we implement the best process to securely share and manage sensitive, confidential information.

Luckily, working for a technology company made this transition far less arduous, especially since many of us remain at home 11 months later. It made me wonder: How many others in financial services have felt the same stress from that sudden shift that has been anything but temporary?

I thought it might be helpful to walk through how our department adjusted to this new paradigm, and was able continue functioning successfully.

Leveraging Your MFP Remotely

Toshiba’s integrated software solutions allow staff to access corporate multi-functional printers (MFPs) from home or any remote location.

For me, this meant document access comparable to being in the office. Leveraging technical features such as MFP integrated document print management and storage solutions allows me to load, distribute, review, and access information all from my home.

Staying Connected

Toshiba files went fully digital years ago. With such effective use of technology and system integration in a disaggregated finance workspace, the remote collaboration with my team and senior management is seamless.

My ability to pull up current accounts payable invoice transactions, customer receipt activity, and sales contract data for review, display, and support for management understanding has allowed the workflow for our team to remain consistent, efficient, and secure.

Closing The Resource Gap

Every finance team should be able to successfully function remotely, despite being cut off from the in-office resources of secure data access and distribution.

Thankfully the solutions we had in place earlier meant that during this past year, our team has continued to manage, control, and review documents just as easily from home as we did at headquarters.

My continued success as a finance professional hinges on my smart and structured use of integrated technologies and connections between my work and home office. This gives me an edge and real-time access to critical financial data to run the business, make decisions, and keep management up-to date.

Contact your local Toshiba representative to learn more about how we can set up your financial services to succeed as a remote workforce.