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Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle Earns Gold

Toshiba Apps Impress Keypoint Intelligence Analysts by Digitizing, Automating & Simplifying Document Management
March 30, 2022
Toshiba Workflow App Bundle

LAKE FOREST, Calif., March 30, 2022 Keypoint Intelligence recognizes Toshiba America Business Solutions‘ innovation and commitment to improving business performance by presenting the Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle its Buyers Lab (BLI) Gold rating.

Analysts and technicians at the global market intelligence company gave particularly strong marks for the Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle’s capacity for digitizing, retrieving and automating documents.  Keypoint Intelligence personnel also believe the bundle’s an ideal fit for organizations seeking to significantly upgrade manual document management processes.

“Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle is a simple solution with a focused purpose,” says Lee Davis, Keypoint Intelligence’s Associate Director of Office Scanners and Software. “Toshiba’s collection of three apps automate capture/process/route and data entry workflows, reducing the time workers spend on data entry tasks while limiting errors so that small mistakes don’t turn into huge problems.”

Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle apps digitize large volumes of paper documents, capture relevant business metadata, and deliver searchable files when scanning on Toshiba’s e‑STUDIO multifunction printers (MFPs).  Offering many features and benefits without the need for any external hardware or software, Toshiba’s bundle is an ideal capture solution for small-to-medium-size businesses (SMBs).

The bundle optimizes time and effort by quickly converting paper documents into searchable electronic ones that are easily retrievable.  Toshiba’s bundle additionally offers setup templates, which automate digitizing, indexing and storing organizations’ business documents using a one-touch panel operation.

“Toshiba is pleased to receive Keypoint Intelligence’s gold rating for our workplace productivity bundle,” says Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Business Development, Bill Melo.  “The Toshiba Workplace Productivity Bundle enables businesses to fully and affordably automate everyday document tasks.”

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Toshiba America Business Solutions is a leading innovator of solutions empowering people to perform efficiently and effectively in their work environment. Serving professionals across the United States, Mexico, and Central and South America, Toshiba delivers secure and sustainable systems, services, and subscriptions to better print, manage, and display information. Toshiba continuously focuses on its clients and communities, is committed to sustainability, and is recognized as a Wall Street Journal Top 100 Sustainable Company. To learn more, please visit Follow TABS on TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.