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Deliver a First Class Hospitality Experience with Engaging Printed Materials

Robert Covington / March 11, 2020

Whether you have a restaurant or a hotel, Toshiba multifunction printers (MFPs) deliver a five-star experience for the hospitality industry.

For a restaurant, menus are the most important communication vehicle you have. You need to clearly communicate your offerings and even set the tone for the meal, so it’s important to create a menu that stands out. Toshiba MFPs produce high-quality images that will make your dishes look so appetizing you could almost taste them.


Anyone can print a plain menu on a plain piece of paper. But, why not let your menu reflect your style and define your brand? Large or small, narrow or wide, our MFP supports customized paper sizes for your menu and offers duplex printing, allowing you to print on both sides with ease. Toshiba’s saddle stitch finisher can lay out your menu in booklet format and can load separate media for covers to give that professionally produced look.

Unfortunately, menus are bound to endure some spills. Luckily, our unique AquaAce paper is both waterproof and tear-resistant so it can stand up to the occasional spill and can be easily wiped clean.

Got a wine list? Catch of the day or a daily special? Toshiba’s MFP capabilities can help convey this messaging to your patrons in a style that fits the image of your business. And at a low-cost, you can print on-demand and update your menu for seasonal or even daily updates.

Many restaurants additionally offer a separate “To-Go” menu or “Catering” menu. Not only can you print these on a Toshiba MFP, but our e‑Filing feature can keep electronic copies on file within the MFP to be printed as needed – allowing you to make copies with your staff on hand, without IT intervention.

Restaurants frequently host a special event or run promotions. Toshiba’s AquaAce paper is also available in large 12” x 47” banner-sizes, perfect for in-house signage when you want to get the word out. It’s UV and water resistant, too, so banners can be hung outdoors, rain or shine.

For hotels, the focus is on guests and the ease of their stay. Want to communicate a message to your guests? Inform them about the evening events? Or use a map so your guests can navigate how to get to their room, the spa or the restaurant? Print copies on-demand and leave them at the front desk. Toshiba MFP features allow you to customize the perfect materials for this. These printed materials ensure a top-rate experience for your guests and enable them to navigate more easily to the areas where they can further support your business.

Hotel guests will also appreciate access to a Toshiba MFP in the business center when they need to make some last-minute changes to their presentation and print it before the morning meeting. It’s possible this business meeting is the entire reason for their stay, so having the tools to make it look great is essential.

After a successful meeting, your guests will be ready to check-out and work on the next big deal. In addition to allowing them to print out their boarding pass to fly home, help make their stay even more convenient by sliding a printed bill under the door.

In the hospitality industry, printed materials are a necessity. Toshiba MFPs offer in-house professional-looking products with customizable features, allowing businesses to stay true to their brand and convey their unique message to customers. To learn more about how Toshiba can help your restaurant or hotel stand out PLEASE REACH OUT TO US TODAY.