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Going Green: 3 Steps For Making The Most Of Earth Day With Toshiba

Salley Thornton / April 18, 2019

Imagine the collective weight of nearly 11,000 NFL players; that’s how much e-waste was kept out of U.S. landfills by Toshiba America Business Solutions in the past decade.Most of this recycled e-waste (electronic waste) was from empty toner cartridges, and last year marked the highest amount of e-waste Toshiba has recycled in a given calendar year – an exciting fact considering Earth Day is coming up on April 22.As environmental mindfulness grows, solutions for eliminating waste grows too. Individuals and businesses continue to find new creative ways to reuse or recycle what would otherwise be trash. Case in point, a recent online article featured a woman wearing a dress suit she Knitted Together From Plastic Grocery Bags. Green must be the new black!

In addition to meeting EPEAT green standards on our products we also provide eco-friendly solutions to help our clients reduce waste without much effort on their part.

Start with a Green Report

Most businesses, large or small, aren’t sure of the impact of their carbon footprint. That’s where Toshiba’s Green Report comes in handy. Our analysts can provide an overview assessment of your office printing environment that identifies which legacy printing systems are not environmentally friendly and suggests eco solutions to help your company’s green objectives. Saving money is often a side benefit of this process.

Next, replant

“You print one. We’ll plant one.” That’s the slogan of Toshiba partner Printleaf. PrintReleaf benchmarks a company’s managed print services program by measuring the number of trees used in printing and in turn plants that same number of trees in multiple locations around the globe. You can even select which location your trees are planted. It’s become so popular the company is planting nearly 1,600 trees daily!

Then, recycle

Through Toshiba’s Ecosmart Toner Recycling Program, used cartridges are 100% recyclable and can be transformed into new materials or products like plastic rulers, pens, eLumber, and even road asphalt. Last year it totaled more than 229 metric tons of waste – that’s 126 cars.

So here’s to another year of thinking and acting green. Even small efforts add up.

If you want to learn more about how to decrease the impact your business has on the environment, reach out to one of our experts today.

Happy Earth Day!