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How Your Business Can Become More Eco-Friendly with Toshiba

Toshiba / April 22, 2022

Being eco-friendly is high on many businesses’ agendas today.  Everyday there are reminders in the news about the damaging effect we all have on the planet.  However, many businesses struggle to know exactly what they can do in practical terms to reduce their impact.

Toshiba’s portfolio of ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS can help you meet your sustainability objectives while increasing efficiency and reducing business costs.

One of the easiest places to start reducing your eco-impact – while saving money – is with printing. Toshiba will collaborate with you to identify a solution that will best enable your business to print smarter, safer, leaner and greener.


Businesses choose Toshiba printers because many of them are registered EPEAT Gold. EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) is a global ecolabel and assessment tool for the IT sector regarding greener electronics and responsible for:

  • Helping purchasers, manufacturers, resellers, and others buy and sell environmentally preferable electronic products.
  • Documenting the cost savings and environmental impact reductions resulting from purchasing EPEAT-registered products.
  • Ensuring EPEAT-registered products meet specific environmental performance criteria.

With 86% OF TOSHIBA PRINTERS CONSIDERED ECO-FRIENDLY by design it’s no secret why businesses looking to ramp up their sustainability efforts choose the E‑STUDIO™ line of products.


Toshiba’s MANAGED PRINT AS A SERVICE program helps organizations attain individual environmental goals by improving print visibility and efficiencies. This print software solutions let you manage printing across your entire fleet and improve print efficiency with solutions like secure print release, where pages are “released” by end-user authentication, reducing waste by eliminating abandoned print pile up, saving both paper and toner.

We also offer an energy manager application that controls and manages the energy settings on your entire fleet of printers as well as PCs and servers. In addition, it optimizes energy consumption during non-peak hours to take full advantage of energy savings.


While others may be talking green, Toshiba has been busy developing programs to help businesses like yours reduce, reuse and recycle. Whether it’s turning used toner cartridges into park benches or manufacturing the world’s first Eco MFP, Toshiba is an environmental leader with the tools and know-how to help you meet your eco-friendly objectives – and it’s easy to get started.

Our experts will perform a free analysis of your organization’s environmental footprint and then provide solutions that will help you increase your green efficiency while saving money.


Toshiba’s Encompass Green Report provides clear, fact-based measurements of your office printing environmental footprint including energy consumption, carbon emission, paper usage and cartridges. Some of the additional items estimated in this report include:

  • Number of trees consumed via printing
  • Wastes water produced
  • Paper and cartridge solid waste generated

At its core, Toshiba’s Encompass Green Report is great way to easily compare your current and future printing sustainability, reductions, and savings.


Toshiba also offers a carbon neutral strategy that can help offset unavoidable emissions through its partnership with PRINTRELEAF.

  • PrintReleaf is a global sustainability standard guaranteeing to releaf the paper consumption of its customers.
  • Measures customers’ paper usage and reforests that usage on an equivalent basis.
  • Monitors reforestation partners to ensure fulfillment.

Since 2016, this partnership has led to the planting of 121,965 trees in the United States, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, and India.

Toshiba clients who participate in the program may select the specific areas they want to help reforest upon recommendations from the WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE’S Global Forest Watch initiative.

A new tree is planted once a Toshiba client prints 8,333 sheets.  World-leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization, SGS INTERNATIONAL certifies the global reforestation partners while authenticating the 100 percent net survival of the trees.

It’s clear that Toshiba offers one of the most comprehensive environmental solutions of any global company because of its ability to enhance eco-efficiency in both its environmental programs and electronic products worldwide.

If you’re a business owner looking to focus on sustainable business practices, consider investing in partners with similar mindsets when it comes to products, programs and services that are good for your business, your customers and the environment!