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Working for the Office, from the Home Office

Robert Covington / April 1, 2021

It’s been over a year now that we’ve been managing our lives and our businesses with this pandemic. What we thought would be a “painful two weeks” is looking like possibly two years, or maybe more. Who knows?

It’s forced many of us to make some drastic changes, especially in businesses where the typical model was employees go to work – in an office – and share resources, like the office MFP.

Luckily businesses and people have learned to adapt. While changes have been significant to say the least, life goes on and fortunately for many, so does business. It’s just not business as usual.

MFP Productivity At Home

More and more, employees are working from home and trying to be productive. Instead of meeting at the office, or gathering at the water cooler, today’s businesses are conversing via Zoom, Teams or one of the many other cloud-based video conferencing services.

But there’s a lot more to business and there’s certain office essentials needed to get the job done. The office MFP plays a critical role and while many of us would love to have the productivity of the stalwart departmental MFP at their house, they probably don’t have the space in their home office – never mind being able to get it in the front door.

Welcome Toshiba’s newest addition, the e-STUDIO409S. From a productivity-per-square inch perspective you’d be hard pressed to find a better office assistant on the payroll.

This monochrome desktop model delivers professional quality high-resolution laser output at a brisk 42 pages-per-minute. It features a 250-sheet cassette, opening out the back to facilitate up to legal size, and a 100-sheet universal bypass for those occasional letterhead, envelopes, or one-off jobs.

If your volume demands leave you refilling paper too often, a 550-sheet second cassette option more than doubles the onboard supply. Needless to say, you’ll rarely be running out of paper; and with the high-yield (20K) toner cartridge it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to replace that either. You can get down to business.

Easily Share Information

The remote user inherently needs to scan more to share information and the e-STUDIO409S delivers via a standard Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) that scans at up to 96 duplex impressions-per-minute.

This performance rivals that of departmental MFPs of just a few years ago and ties in nicely with scan-to-email and support for up to 500 email shortcuts. With this kind of performance, you could scan and send a 50-page document in less time than it takes to brew your morning K-Cup.

Convenience is the name of the game with the e-STUDIO409S. Optional Wi‑Fi simplifies connectivity and further opens up possibilities for mobile device access. These take on an added importance for the home-office worker. Oh, and for the occasional fax, that’s standard, too.

Work-From-Home May Be Here To Stay

The Total Cost of Ownership (Acquisition price + (Cost-Per-Page x Volume)) on this MFP that straddles the small-office/small workgroup/home-office markets is quite compelling. It certainly makes it easier to make the work-from-home argument.

The workplace of the future, be it the conventional-office or home-office or somewhere in between, is still uncertain.

Some analysts have prognosticated that as much as 30% of the office workers that have shifted to work-at-home will not return to the work-from-office setting once this pandemic subsides. With solutions like the e-STUDIO409S it’s safe to say either way that productivity will not be left at home.

If all this makes you realize it’s time to reimagine your fleet for future needs, contact your local Toshiba consultant.